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Welcome – Your Bed  2013, Rheinau, Switzerland

milenarts - Welcome-Your bed
milenarts - Welcome-Your bed

The waste from the production of art presents an uncomfortable bedstead on bare, hard ground. The blanket does not warm, it is only painted paper. On this bed, one cannot lie, rest, or find protection. It stands for what we offer to refugees in Europe. Those who have overcome the obstacles to get to Europe will find only symbolic bedding, uncomfortable and ungenerous.

The bed is made of wood sculptors’ waste. I chose this medium to convey the idea that even if basic human needs are provided by the dominant culture, art, in general, remains inaccessible. Art is much too often the domain of the rich and famous. The immigrant/refugee is in contact with only the waste product. No one welcomes them or appreciates the strength, will and courage of these people who have endured so many hardships to live among us.

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