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Cave painting 2007 Tuttlingen, Germany

Location: The Old Crematorium Cultural Center in Tuttlingen, Germany

milenarts-cave-painting milenarts-crematorium

Old Crematorium Cultural Center in Tuttlingen, Germany, during time of exhibition

This installation was created as part of the exhibition The Hidden Museum: Woman - Art - Myth. It was placed in one of the small chambers in the basement of the crematorium. The upper area of the building had been renovated, but the basement remained in its original condition. It retained the sense of its former use, where small chambers were used to keep the dead prior to incineration.

milenarts-crematorium milenarts-crematorium milenarts-crematorium milenarts-crematorium milenarts-crematorium

Funerals, including cremations, are among the oldest human rituals and cave painting is one of the oldest forms of art.
In ceremonies, human interact with the mysterious and the unknowable.

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