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Carpet Bed 2013, Rheinau, Switzerland

milenarts - Carpet bed

First I covered a thin mattress with brown paper and placed it in the middle of a passageway. I had no privacy as I slept on it, resting in the middle of the day. When I got up, the paper kept the imprints of parts of my body. I then covered the entire paper with colored chalks and charcoal to enhance the traces, and added diluted black paint. Folding the black edges made it look like a carpet. When placed in front of the Invitation installation, people stepped on it and the imprints disappeared.

This work is thematically linked to “Welcome – Your Bed, in the sense that immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees often have no private place. His or her place of rest (rest being a basic human need) will leave only transitory traces. The established society steps on what they do not notice.

milenarts - Carpet bed    milenarts - Carpet bed

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milenarts - Carpet bed milenarts - Carpet bed milenarts - Carpet bed

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